2014 Calendars – start planning now!
17 Jun

2014 Calendars – start planning now!

Well it may seem a bit early to be thinking about calendars for 2014 but these projects do take time to plan and organise. You’ll need to think about the format and size of your calendar….

Do you want a wall calendar? Standard sizes are A4 or a larger one at A3 or possibly a long thin wall hanging one, or maybe a desk calendar. You’ll need to consider the photographs or images (scans of your paintings maybe) depending on whether they’re landscape or portrait will also dictate the style of the calendar you want.
Do you need room to write on the calendar or do you just need the dates showing? Would you like one month per page or 2 months per page or more? All of these questions may seem odd things to think about, but given the vast array of styles and formats of calendars available, it’s worth taking some time to consider these options so you end up with the product you wanted.
At Orbitpress we can offer many styles and formats although our most popular is a 13 page A4 wall hanging calendar. It’s calendar bound with a hanger, clear front protective cover, front cover page, 1 page per month giving room to write and a card back. These can either be produced as personalised calendars for Christmas presents or if you’re a school or charity why not think about producing a calendar to sell. They’re a great fund raiser!
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a competitive quote or to discuss your calendar ideas further. Call us on 01494 778053 or email on info@orbitpress.co.uk

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