Artwork. Make sure the page size is correct!
09 Apr

Artwork. Make sure the page size is correct!

Many people like to supply printers their own artwork in order to save time and money. This isn’t a problem for most printers but there are a few simple steps that should be remembered to ensure that the files are supplied correctly.

Be sure that your page size is correct for what you want to print. For example if you are designing a business card make sure your page is set to 55mm x 85mm rather than work on an A4 page and hope that your printer can do something with it!

Many Microsoft programs have default page settings, Word for instance defaults to ‘Letter’ as a page size, always change this to A4 or A5 if that’s required. PowerPoint defaults to ‘On Screen Show’ this is fine if you’re showing it on screen but not so if you need it printed out. Again change the size to A4.

Making your page size correct at the start will not only make your printers job easier in producing what you want but it will also make the design easier to complete.

The main reason for changing pages to A4 is that it’s a standard paper size. If your work is the size of the ‘on screen show’ for example you may find some of your design is cropped off when it’s printed.

A6, A5, A4 A3 are all standard sizes, if you’re unsure what size you need for your design please don’t hesitate to contact us at Orbitpress, we’re happy to help you, tel: 01494 778053, email:

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