Binding Services
02 Sep

Binding Services

Comb Binding:

A binding machine punches a row of holes usually down the left hand spine, sometimes across the top of a document depending on how you want to open it. Our machine punches 21 holes along an A4 edge, others punch 20 holes. Comb binding use a plastic comb generally in black or white but other colours are sometimes available.

The combs come in a range of sizes from 6 mm up to 50 mm allowing anything from a few pages to a very large multi paged document to be bound together. The advantage of comb binding is the ability to be able to re open and reuse the comb without damaging the document or comb, allowing pages to be added or removed easily.

Wire Binding:

Primarily the same as comb binding but more permanent. Pages aren’t so easily added or removed. The wire has to be cut off and a new one used to rebind the document. Pages  can occasionally be damaged when wires have to be removed. The size of wires start at 6 mm up to 14 mm so it’s not possible to bind as big a number of pages.

There are more choices of binding available but comb and wire binding are the two options on offer at Orbitpress. Binding anything from Powerpoint presentations, manuals, reports, dissertations, the list is endless! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any more information and prices.

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