Calling all Artists 2014!
10 Apr

Calling all Artists 2014!

Spring / Summer exhibitions are fast approaching, especially the ever popular Bucks Open Studios which is held in June. Have you considered turning your art, be it paintings, drawings, sketchs, photographs, collages etc into greetings cards, postcards or limited edition prints? Or what about leaflets to promote your art event?

Either DL, A6 or A5 creased and folded greetings cards with envelopes, flat postcards, or leaflets (see our leaflet promotion on the home page of our website). These are all great ways to increase your sales and get your work known to a wider audience.
Your customers may love your original painting but funds may not stretch that far so they may buy a card instead or alternatively a print, possibly as a limited edition which they can then frame themselves. You could have produced a limited run of prints from your original artwork, these could be mounted or mounted and framed, signed and numbered and sold at a more affordable price.
Here at Orbitpress we already work with a lot of artists local the Chesham and the surrounding area. It’s lovely to see such a wide variety of styles and to see the work selling in many formats.
The blog image attached is from an A5 card of our customer’s dog Twiggy!

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