24 Feb

Leaflets. The perfect solution!


So the big question in this digital age …is there still a place in the market for leaflets? ….. Yes of course there is!

Leaflets are a very versatile marketing tool, which is why so many of our customers find them an essential part of their marketing plan. Whether inserts in newspapers / magazines, dropped through letterboxes, mailed out or on a shop counter, leaflets / flyers look great in full colour and are an incredibly low cost marketing tool.

You need to make your leaflets work hard for you. Designing them is no easy feat. Don’t underestimate the need for creating a fresh clean and engaging leaflet. It doesn’t matter what size or type of business you have, leaflets and flyers are a vital type of marketing resource to reach your target audience.

So who is your target audience? It’s essential you think about this when designing and writing your leaflets. Think about your customers, what industry are they in? their age group, location and social status? You’ll also need to think about your Unique Selling Point (USP). Why should they use you over your competitor? Service, cost, location, what do you do that’s is special or different?

Then think about what you can offer your prospective customer. The most effective leaflets tend to use time bound offers. For example: ‘Half price this month only’, ‘Free consultation in April’ or a ‘% off only with this leaflet’. Consider 25% off is far more appealing than 5% off. Use wording such as ‘call now for a free sample’ or ‘bring this leaflet with you to receive…..’ Spell out the action needed, remember to make it easy for your customer.

Leaflets come in various sizes from A6, A5, DL, A4 folded in a variety of ways. The size you decide on will depend on the amount of text and images you want to use to convey your Unique Selling Point, your key marketing message.

Producing successful leaflets isn’t easy but this is where we can help. Pop in, call or email us, we’ll be very happy to discuss your ideas for your leaflet. We can help with the design and production, offering a high quality friendly customer service with fast turnaround times at very competitive rates. Leaflets are a great marketing tool, we want your leaflets to be a success for you, that way you’ll be back for more!

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