Photographic Restoration
12 Feb

Photographic Restoration

While the weather is battering the country and you don’t feel like going outside why not sit down and sort through those cupboards. You’ll be amazed at the fabulous old photos you’ll find tucked away in that old shoe box!

These old photos are a great way to see how our families used to live, what they wore, what they did for work or fun. Unfortunately they are often torn, damaged from water or sunlight, even sellotape holding the torn edges together. So why not get them restored to their former glory. The quality of these old images is usually very high due to the large negative formats that were used so they can handle being enlarged, often revealing much more detail in the picture that you couldn’t see before.

Orbitpress can help to bring your old memories back to life! Old or new photographs can be restored, repaired, retouched even re-coloured with our high quality photo restoration service. Minor dust spots and red eye reduction to the most serious of tears can be repaired beyond recognition. We can print however many copies you require ensuring every family member who wants a picture can have one! Great for anyone doing the family tree, to be able to put a face to the name.

So get in those cupboards and save your old photos…… relive those memories!

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