Photographic Services. Get Ready For Summer!
24 Apr

Photographic Services. Get Ready For Summer!

Now’s the time to get your camera ready for your summer holidays. With the warmer weather just round the corner (hopefully!) you’ll be wanting to get out there and snap away. Have you sorted out last years photos yet? Are they still on your camera card taking up memory space?

It’s always a good idea to have your images backed up to CD or DVD, even if you have downloaded them on to your computer. A second back up is always a good habit to get into just incase the worst happens and you lose all of your data and along with it all your photos.

Also why not have some printed out? It’s easy these days to get carried away and take a lot more photos than you would have done with film. You don’t have to print them all but pick out a select few and put them in an album, you may find you actually look at them more often too! The only damage your hard copy photos are likely to suffer today is water or fire damage and the risk of this is pretty low especially when compared to the risk of corrupted files on your computer or camera card.

So once you have backed up your photos and printed a select few to put into an album you can then reformat your camera card. This deletes all the images on the card so it’s empty ready for you to fill again with more lovely memories over the summer…. Bring on the sunshine!

The team at Orbitpress can help you with backing up and printing your photos. Take a look at the photographic services page on our website for more information, if you can’t see the answer to your question just fill in the quick enquiry form and we’ll help with your enquiry.

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