01 Jul

Print: Environmental Facts


The print industry often gets a hard press for NOT being very environmentally friendly. The following facts taken from a PrintWeek publication ‘Environment Report’ aims to try and set the record straight.

” Spend more than 30 minutes a day reading the news and a printed newspaper has LESS environmental impact than reading online”  KTH Center for Sustainable Communications

” An email with a 400kb attachment sent to 20 people, is equivalent to burning a 100W light bulb for 20 minutes” BBC Costing the Earth

“With 1.1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emmissions, the value chain of pulp, paper and print is one of the LOWEST industrial emitters” World Recourses Institute

” The European recycling rates for paper reached 71.7% last year” European Recovered Paper Council

” European forests are growing by an area of 1.5m football pitches every year” UN FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment

For further information please take a look at Print Week’s website:


So although we still do all need to be careful about the amount of documents we print off from our computers, ipads, phones etc we must also consider the amount of energy that technology uses.

How many Ipads, phones, laptops etc have you upgraded?  What happens to the old ones? How much energy do they use? how much energy is used to send an email?

In todays society it’s easy to overlook and be unaware of the carbon footprint of everyday gadgets! ……so in short buy a newspaper but REMEMBER TO RECYCLE IT!!

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