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Printing Services

Digital Printing

Digital printing is ideal for short, full colour or black and white print runs. Offering the flexibility of fast turnaround with high quality at a competitive price, making it the perfect solution, especially with tight deadlines, for printing.

Lithographic Printing

High quality lithographic printing is better suited for longer runs or when spot colours are crucial.

We can provide black and white to full colour litho printing on a full range of paper and boards.

Many items above can also be printed digitally. Contact us for further details.

Digital or Lithographic?

Find out which method suits your job.

Artwork & Design

Our in-house desktop publishing service means we can produce artwork at a competitive rate to complement our printing services.

We are PC based and our popular applications include Serif Pageplus, Microsoft Publisher, Word and PowerPoint, PDF and Jpeg files are also acceptable formats.

Subject to the usual provisos we are able to print out from these programs onto card or paper stock in a variety of sizes in colour or black and white.

Printing Enquiry

Printing Enquiry

Do I Need Digital or Lithographic Print?

In a nutshell, lithographic print uses wet inks and printing plates to produce print, digital print uses dry powder toner fused at a high temperature on to the sheet.

With the latest digital presses on the market giving near lithographic quality, the digital process, as a general rule of thumb, is quicker and financially more suitable for the shorter print runs.

However,  there comes a point when the cost of litho and digital meet, and as the quantity grows, lithographic becomes a more cost effective option. We are fortunate to be able to offer both processes, and always ensure that each job is looked at individually, and priced accordingly to give the customer the best price we can.

There are exceptions to this, some jobs are suited more to lithographic print, it could be the weight of the material required is too thick for the digital press, the size of the sheet required is too big, and sometimes it could be that the content of the print just isn’t suited to the digital process, although this is a rare occurrence.

Our advice is free, and once we take a look at your requirements, we can offer our views and recommendations.